Camera and Equipment Hire
Camera hire, transfers, encoding, duplication, DVD & Blu-Ray authoring, standards conversion and archiving to broadcasters, production teams, post houses, programme & film makers.
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We stock a wide range of cameras, SLRs, lenses plus lighting, audio, tripods, grip, VTRs and ancillaries for hire and rental in our London-Soho offices. Everything is kept in stock in our Soho office and can be ready for immediate dispatch.
We stock VTRs, recorders and players supporting all major tape and solidstate formats in our hire department.
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Transfers, Dubs & Encoding
We have a fully equipped transfer department that can provide duplication, dubs, standards conversion, legalizing and format conversions in all major formats.
We also offer comprehensive file based services including layoffs, encoding, transcoding and bulk tape-file archiving. We can encode any quanitity from a single tape to 10,000, all to the file formats of your choice.
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CAnon EOs c300, EOSc300 , HIre EOS c300
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Camera Hire
We have received a new delivery of Canon EOS C300 camera kits. Available now.
Lens Hire
- Canon 4K Cine Prime set of 6 lenses is now available.
Camera Hire
Sony PMW200 XDCAM camcorder kits are now in stock.
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